The Weight of the World

Ryan has been helping people with retirement planning for over 23 years and he is the author of The Weight of Your World: Understanding the New Reality of Your Retirement.

Ryan has over 24 years experience in the financial services industry.

Ryan’s passion for retirement income planning came from witnessing his grandparents get taken advantage of during retirement. After watching them, Ryan became determined to help prevent the same situation from happening to someone else’s grandparents. He opened his own financial firm in 2003 to help retirees “enjoy the ride.”

Ryan is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara and holds an insurance license in the state of California. You may have previously seen him on the “Coastal Business Report” on the ABC affiliate KEYT, where he discussed local financial issues. Ryan is also a best selling author. His book, “The Weight of Your World” focuses on many pertinent issues today’s retirees face.

A native Californian, Ryan enjoys life in Malibu with his wife, Tara, two children, Ronan and Quinn, and his father, who lives with the family. He also enjoys running, CrossFit, skiing, going to the beach and going out to dinner. An active dad, Ryan is on the Little League board and coaches his kids’ soccer, baseball and basketball teams.

“My name is Ryan Morelli, I’ve been a financial advisor for over 23 years, 17 of which I have personally helped the hard-working folks of PG&E retire happily and successfully. You might recognize me or heard about me through one of my educational seminars at the PG&E energy educational center within the last 17 years. I have personally helped so many PG&E employees; I wouldn’t be surprised if you know many of the people I have helped.

I have directly been affected by poor financial decisions in the lives of my elderly relatives. I’ve watched the tears, angst, shame, and depression that financial struggles can cause people in their ‘golden’ years. That is why for over the last two decades, I have dedicated my life to helping people make some of the most critical decisions in theirs.”

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