The central part of creating a retirement portfolio is to get the high return as possible while incurring limited risks that might destroy your retirement savings in case of a market downturn. As we utilize a more holistic approach and proper risk/return balancing, your retirement portfolio should be able to produce a reliable flow of cash from many different avenues in your lifetime.

You can create your retirement portfolio through ways:

  • Using total returns. You can use stock and bonds that provide sound returns over a specific period. This approach to your portfolio growth should entail many equities in assets. If you add the real estate and commodities, it will also help you reduce or absorb volatility.
  • Outcome guarantee. You should not use the traditional portfolio method if you want a 100% guaranteed outcome. You can use government bonds, immediate annuities, variable annuities or insurance since they have no downside risk. However, this approach may not keep pace with the inflation rate in the market making your investments lack growth.
  • Dealing with interest. You may decide to cut out interest and build on focus on income-producing investments in your portfolio which may be hard in If you invest in high dividends paying stocks such as REITs, there may be a reduction in the dividends which will decrease the principal value of the investment.
  • Time factor. This approach considers choosing an investment depending on the time that you will require them. Safe investments can be used for the cash that you will need to withdraw.

You should choose the approach that suits you using as many of the strategies that make the most sense to your situation. When it comes to retirement, there is no one size fits all solution. It is recommended that you use a very comprehensive and detailed retirement plan to define your future needs and then work with one of our advisors to assemble a protected retirement portfolio that matches all your goals.

As your retirement advisor, Educated Solutions will help in evaluating different risks such as the risk of outliving your money upon retirement. We can explain how different insurance can help protect against risks and give other ways you can save for your future.

How we help your retirement planning

Our job is to:

  • Help you safeguard your future and also guard against the various unexpected losses.
  • Help you determine the amount of insurance you may need and safely take you through the whole process.
  • Let you know what insurance covers can work well in a wealth and asset management plan.
  • Guide you on the provision of different kinds of business needs such as insurance on business continuation.
  • Show you the available innovative insurance solutions that combine long term care insurance with life insurance that will benefit your heirs to create a legacy.
  • Help you generate income that you will use after your retirement using the income guaranteed approach that has positive results.

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