Estate and Legacy Planning

Make sure your ultimate plan lives on

The part we do handle is any insurance you’ll need to set up to pay for your estate taxes if that applies to you as well as helping you set up your beneficiaries on accounts that are not placed in a trust. All annuities, life insurance policies, and IRA/401k tax deferred retirement accounts have their own beneficiary forms which act like a trust. What we can do is work with your attorney to make sure that you have everything buttoned up when the day comes that you either pass away or are unable to make these decisions for yourself and your family.

This topic is all about taking care of your estate so that when you fall ill or pass away your affairs are in order. Much of this planning must be handled by an attorney which I am not. Your Estate plan among other things should contain a Living Trust so your assets go where you want them too after your death. In many states having a trust and putting your assets in a trust helps you avoid probate. Probate is when the state decides where your assets go and it’s costly. In addition to an estate plan you’ll want to have both medical and financial powers of attorney. If you become incompacitated where you are unconscious, you fall ill to dementia, you’ll want to have your financial powers of attorney set up so you can determine what happens when you can’t make decisions for yourself and who you appoint to help facilitate this in your absence. In addition to financial powers of attorney you’ll want medical powers of attorney that determine what you want done or not done to your body medically.


Of Every Tax Dollar

In 2017, 91% of every tax dollar went to pay for Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Interest on the National debt.


Lost Half of Their Portfolios

80% of Americans lost half of their portfolios during the 2008 Market Crash


Will Need Long Term Care

There is a 1 in 3 chance that you will need some kind of Long-Term Care after the age of 65

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