Why Us?

Independent Financial Advice Geared For Your Needs


Our experienced professionals leverage reliable data that provides top-of-the-line insights. With an in-depth knowledge of financial markets, asset management and insurance products, we are well-placed to implement an investment strategy that is tax-efficient, can protect your income and enables you to grow your personal store of wealth.


When you invest in your future, you want to have the best tools available, to reach your financial goals. Our flexible approach to financial planning and asset management gives you more clarity about your financial future, so you can feel more confident about where your investment is and how it is working for you.


With such a wide range of financial vehicles available, it is important that clients have the flexibility to invest money in products that align with their values. We have access to a wide range of assets and insurance products, and because we are not tied to any financial service providers, you have more freedom to invest in whatever feels right for you.


We recognize the importance of delivering personalized attention to every client. With your best interests at heart, our experienced professionals conduct a detailed analysis of your accounting and provide a strategy that is tailored towards your specific needs, financial goals, and personal values.

We can offer you

Peace of Mind

We simplify the financial landscape and provide a personalized and transparent service so that you can see exactly how your money is working for you every step of the way.

We recognize the value of long-term relationships with our clients and aim to deliver an income planning service that is tailored to your unique circumstances and aspirations.

When you have a dedicated and proactive financial expert on your side, you can have the confidence and peace of mind that your financial future is secure.

Financial Structure

During the planning process, take into account your current earnings, potential future earnings, savings and investments and calculate how much money you can expect to have in retirement (on your current path).

In addition, we show you how your finances will be affected in the future:

  • Tax increases
  • Rising living costs
  • Fluctuations in mortgage and insurance repayments
  • Under-funded investments
  • Reduced 401(k) contributions
  • Loss of employment

Long Term Security

A long term financial strategy helps prevent your retirement funds from drying up two to three times faster than you planned. Knowledge helps you to understand how long-term care can impact your finances with and without long-term planning.

The solutions we offer are tailored to your individual circumstances and financial capability.

Malibu Wealth Planning takes a comprehensive approach to defined contribution retirement plan consulting, focused on minimizing fiduciary risk for plan sponsors and their oversight teams, as well as minimizing the risk of negative participant outcomes. We provide pro-active, value-adding services to our clients, their plan committee(s) and their employees.

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