Risk Planning

The right plan will minimize your exposure to risk

There are accounts that guarantee income no matter how long you live, and accounts that earn you a stock market “like” return with no risk of losing money. There are plans that assist you if you have a long term care event that are guaranteed not to go up in value and protect you when you need it. There is income tax rate risk as we’ve discussed on previous pages on this website. The list goes on, it’s our job to help you manage the risk in your life when it comes to your finances. If you don’t know where your risk lies or how to manage that risk you could be in big trouble. We have 25 years experience helping people like you avoid risk the best they can.

The definition of risk is the possibility of suffering harm or loss; danger. Just about everything we do has risk. Driving a car has risk, investing in the bank has inflation risk. Investing in the stock market has principal risk. Living a long time and needing a lot of care in your old age creates risk. Making the wrong decisions on your pension or social security payments creates risk. Planning for these issues decreases your risk, leaving these issues up to chance increases your risk. It’s very important to know your worst and best case scenarios so you can manage the risk that comes with it.


Of Every Tax Dollar

In 2017, 91% of every tax dollar went to pay for Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Interest on the National debt.


Lost Half of Their Portfolios

80% of Americans lost half of their portfolios during the 2008 Market Crash


Will Need Long Term Care

There is a 1 in 3 chance that you will need some kind of Long-Term Care after the age of 65

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