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Tax planning under the umbrella of retirement planning would be the practice of considering how taxation will affect all areas of your financial life and then creating a plan to minimize your tax liability and increase the money you and your beneficiaries keep. As I have written about at length in my book, I strongly believe taxes are going way up. I don’t see any other way to pay for the trillions of unfunded liabilities that Central California and the rest of the United States have to pay, and these unfunded liabilities are only getting worse each day. Reducing your tax liability is critical to long-term success and keeping more of your money. If you haven’t considered it, now is the time! Our tax planning services from Malibu, CA, can help you reduce personal income tax using effective tax planning strategies.

Inheritance Tax Planning

In some states, you will have to pay an inheritance tax when you inherit assets from a deceased individual. There are numerous factors that can influence this tax, such as the value of the inherited possessions and the relationship between the deceased and those to whom they passed on their assets. It can often be a confusing endeavor to handle. Still with our inheritance tax planning services from Malibu, CA, you’ll be able to proceed through the process with comfort, knowing professional tax planning experts are on your side.

Expert Tax Minimization Strategies From Malibu, CA

When it comes to learning tax minimization strategies, there are many misnomers that must first be addressed. Many people think they’ll be in a lower tax bracket in retirement, but likely they’ll be in a higher bracket instead. Another misconception is that you’ll need less income in retirement, but in fact, you’ll likely need the same or even more. One of the reasons you’ll likely be paying more tax is because you’ll lose most of your deductions in retirement. If you own a house, it’s likely paid off or mostly paid off. Your children, which provide tax credit and exemption, are out of the house, so there is no help there. How about your 401k? Not contributing to a retirement plan anymore, so that deduction is lost, but the truth is, I’m not sure contributing to your 401k for a tax benefit is any benefit at all. Tax rates are at all-time lows, so why save on taxes now if you’re going to pay more in taxes later? At 72 years old, the IRS is going to force you to take money out of your 401k and pay tax on it as ordinary income whether you need it or not. The truth is many who don’t plan for higher taxes will end up paying more tax in retirement on less income. Our tax minimization experts can help you identify where you might have a tax liability and help you plan around it with tax planning strategies!


Of Every Tax Dollar

In 2017, 91% of every tax dollar went to pay for Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Interest on the National debt.


Lost Half of Their Portfolios

80% of Americans lost half of their portfolios during the 2008 Market Crash


Will Need Long Term Care

There is a 1 in 3 chance that you will need some kind of Long-Term Care after the age of 65

Peace of Mind

The experts at our headquarters near Los Angeles and Calabasas, CA, simplify the process and offer a personalized and transparent service that will allow you to see exactly how your money is working every step of the way. Our team recognizes the value of the relationships with our clients and aims to deliver tax planning services from Malibu, CA, that are personalized to your individual wants and needs. When you have a dedicated financial expert on your side, you’ll have the confidence and peace of mind that your financial future is safe and secure.

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Financial Structure

During our planning process, we take into account your current earnings, savings, and investments and calculate how much money you can expect in your retirement.

Furthermore, we will show you how your finances will be affected in the future:

  • Tax increases
  • Rising living costs
  • Fluctuations in mortgage and insurance repayments
  • Under-funded investments
  • Reduced 401(k) contributions
  • Loss of employment

Long Term Security

Long-term financial strategies help prevent your retirement funds from drying up faster than you had planned. Knowledge will help you understand how long-term care can influence your finances with and without long-term planning. The solutions we provide are tailored to your own circumstances and financial capability.

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If you’re looking for a way to reduce personal income tax, our tax planning experts have your back! Additionally, our financial advisors can assist you with many other services, such as:

While our headquarters are located near Los Angeles and Calabasas, CA, you can call on our tax minimization experts in Central California and throughout the entire country. Should you have any questions about our tax planning services from Malibu, CA, feel free to reach out today for answers!

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