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It’s a known fact that people spend more time planning their vacations than planning for their retirement! If you want the best chance of a comfortable retirement, you’ve got to plan for it. Most people know they need to plan but fail to act. People are living longer, and ensuring you’ll have enough income is extremely important. Budgeting income and expenses are very important. Planning for the unexpected like rising tax rates, medical issues, or taking too much or too little risk with your investments are just a few things you’ll need to address to stay on track.

You’re not going to live forever, the average life expectancy is increasing, and the chance you’ll need to pay for healthcare in retirement is also at an all-time high. Retirement is the time when you have the most amount of free time to do what you want, so you’ll want to be prepared for it. Most people don’t want to depend on their children, and thus making sure your income streams are planned for as well as safe and diversified is paramount. One must start retirement planning and investing properly to assure you will lead a peaceful and uncompromised life during retirement. With our retirement planning services from Malibu, CA, our advisors can lend their expertise to help you obtain guaranteed retirement income and help your golden years shine bright.

Retirement Strategy

One of the first steps to take when developing a retirement strategy is to identify what you spend monthly and how much that might change in retirement. Once we’re done with that, we take a look at how much you’ve saved, where you’ve saved it, and if you’re saving enough. After we’ve established that, we’ll go over all the issues that could create a problem for you by informing you on what others in your position have done to prepare themselves for this time of your life. Essentially when you have examined all the issues most face in retirement and then the solutions they found, you’ll be in a better position to make the best decisions for yourself. Once you know how you’d like to plan, we will take care of the rest.


Of Every Tax Dollar

In 2017, 91% of every tax dollar went to pay for Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Interest on the National debt.


Lost Half of Their Portfolios

80% of Americans lost half of their portfolios during the 2008 Market Crash


Will Need Long Term Care

There is a 1 in 3 chance that you will need some kind of Long-Term Care after the age of 65

401k Rollover Assistance From Malibu, CA

Do you need help transferring your money to another retirement plan? Another component of our retirement planning services from Malibu, CA, is our 401k rollover assistance program. No matter if you live in Los Angeles, Calabasas, CA, or outside Central California, we can help make your transfer successful.

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Peace of Mind

Our retirement planning services from Malibu, CA, simplify the financial landscape and provide personalized and transparent service so that you can see exactly how your money is working for you every step of the way.

We recognize the value of long-term relationships with our clients and aim to deliver an income planning service tailored to your unique circumstances and aspirations. When you have a dedicated and proactive financial expert on your side, you can have the confidence and peace of mind that your financial future is secure.

Financial Structure

During the planning process, take into account your current earnings, potential future earnings, savings, and investments and calculate how much money you can expect to have in retirement (on your current path). In addition, we show you how your finances will be affected in the future:

  • Tax increases
  • Rising living costs
  • Fluctuations in mortgage and insurance repayments
  • Under-funded investments
  • Reduced 401(k) contributions
  • Loss of employment

Long Term Security

Long-term retirement income strategies help prevent your retirement funds from drying up two to three times faster than you planned. Knowledge helps you to understand how long-term care can impact your finances with and without long-term retirement planning. The solutions we offer are tailored to your individual circumstances and financial capability.

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While our headquarters are located in Malibu, south of Central California, you’ll be able to call on our retirement help services in more than just Calabasas and Los Angeles, CA. Our retirement planning services from Malibu, CA, are available to clients throughout the United States, so if you ever require assistance achieving guaranteed retirement income, you can call Malibu Wealth Planning for support!

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